Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Orcs often carry a vitality drink, usually stored in crude, clay flasks. When consumed by an Orc, they gain 1d8 hit points.  Note that this can cause the creature to exceed its normal maximum hp.

A PC examining the liquid will note a slightly syrupy consistency, a deep amber color, and large flecks of something black floating inside. The aroma is that of deeply spiced honey.

A PC consuming Orcade must pass a DC 11 CON check or suffer intense cramps, and Disadvantage, for 1d20 minutes. If this check results in a Hazard, they are knocked out for this amount of time.  A successful check invigorates the PC, granting them 1d8 additional hit points.  If this places them above their max, they revert back down to their max after the next Long Rest.

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