Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Make Looting Fun

One of my favorite parts of Warhammer Quest was the Gold Treasure card. The card instructs the player that they can roll as many d6's as they like to see how much gold they find, but if any of the dice come up a 1, there's no gold at all.

I use this little trick all the time when PCs loot bodies and find small treasure stashes. It's a perfect "tough decision" that plays their fear against their greed. I can almost see the wheels spinning in the players' brains as they agonize over how many dice to roll.

The more interesting choices you can throw into your game for the players, the more the game will hold their interest. This little Loot Roll is a great way to inject some tension into an otherwise static part of the game.


  1. Unless they know a little probability and calculus, then they know exactly how many dice to roll. Without spoilers, the maximum expected payoff is about 8 gold.

  2. Thanks for not spoiling them ;)