Saturday, January 3, 2015

Fractal World Mapped to Hexes

Mapping to Hexes

In day two of my dynamic campaign world generator development I built a rough translation of the elevation maps from yesterday into a hex grid.  I did a very basic mapping of elevation values to three "terrains", green for plains, yellow for hills, brown for mountains.  This mapping is purely temporary.  As the project advances I plan to build a climate and biome generator which will ultimately produce more varied and interesting terrain.

Different Worlds

The fractal world generator can produce worlds in a variety of styles.  For the two examples below, I decided to crank up the generator to 768x200 pixels.  Since each pixel of the fractal world will map to a hex, this gives us a campaign world of 153,600 hexes.  I plan to use a scale of 5 miles per hex myself, so this will give me a campaign map of 3,840 x 1,000 miles.  Of course, the size parameters will be adjustable in the final product.

The first example shows a world with three distinct continents, separated by oceans, with a few smaller land masses.

In contrast, this world is more amorphous, with numerous chains of islands connecting the larger continents.

Let's take a look at the amorphous world with the basic hex mapping applied.  Quite a bit of terrain there to populate and explore!  The next step will be working on the climate and biome generator to start producing some forests, swamps, deserts, and more.

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