Monday, October 27, 2014

White Wood Staff

This staff is carved from a single piece of nearly white wood, engraved with intricate twisting vines, leaves, and berries.

  • The staff can act as a Druidic Focus.
  • The staff is a magical +1 Quarterstaff.
  • Attuned - When placed next to an injured creature, one of the berries transforms into a living berry.  The creature can consume this berry and regain 1d6 hit points.  The staff will produce only one berry per creature per day.  After using this ability, mark a tick mark next to the item on your character sheet, and roll a number of d6's equal to the total number of tick marks next to the item.  If any of the dice come up 1, the staff is exhausted and no more berries will appear.  You can spend a day communing in a forest to recharge the staff.  The staff will function again, and you can remove a number of tick marks equal to 1d6 + your WIS modifier.

This item is an example of how I like to use "escalating d6's" for magic item charges.  The more you use the item, the greater the chance that you'll hit the last charge.  In this case, the item can be re-charged by sacrificing a day of time, and being in a forest.

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