Saturday, August 2, 2014

My D&D 5e House Rules

The campaign will kick off in a few weeks and I'm compiling the House Rules for my flavor of 5e.  Slightly more gritty, a tad more old school.  Some of these rules were adopted from previous playtest releases and are likely to show up in the DMG, and others were stolen from Troll and Flame.

Slower Healing
You recover your Hit Dice during a Long Rest, not your full Hit Points.

Encounter Cantrips (Scrapped)
Cantrips are not at-will, but you regain them after a Short or Long Rest. (Note: this house rule was quickly scrapped.  I had the old damage potential of the play test cantrips in my mind, and found that the release cantrips were more well balanced.)

Consequences of Death
Being returned from the dead results in a loss of 1 random Ability point.

Non-Lethal Damage
If you decide to pull your punches before making an attack roll with a melee weapon (this incurs disadvantage) you can deal non-lethal damage.  If you don't pull your punches, then after a strike that brings the enemy to 0 HP, you must make a DC 12 INT(Medicine) check to avoid accidentally killing them.  If you're using a bludgeoning weapon, this is made at advantage.

Magic Item Attunement
You can attune to a maximum number of magic items equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 1).

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